About us

With over 20 years of experience, Nerkal emerges as a premier fit-out contractor catering to the dynamic demands of Dubai's construction landscape. Specializing in commercial, residential, and retail projects across the UAE, we seamlessly integrate in-house production facilities and extensive resources to deliver bespoke interior solutions tailored to varied standards and project scopes.


To provide a benchmark for clients and industry in term of quality, creativity, and cost effective.


To bring inspiration through our innovative design fit-out and excellent project management. To became a preferred partner through collaborative process with clients by exceeding their expectation through exceptional performance by every member of the team.

Why Nerkal
  • Our Style: We provide and expand an exceptional design based on the needs and wants of the clients. We can be the partner of every client’s ideas.
  • Design Guidelines: The key to a beautiful place isn’t spending a ton of money on pricey furniture or designed fixtures. It’s about making sure everything in your space works together and we can be your companion with it.
  • Create. Inspire: We plan or produced to show the look and function, we creates a style that is personal, bold and elegant that can inspire everyone to have a better images, looks and designs of each place.
  • Search for Excellence: Our experience has taught us that achieving excellence in design is only possible when the technical, budgetary and schedule constraints of a project are clearly recognized and skillfully managed.


Our Services

Interior Design Execution

We have carried out industrial construction projects and delivered good workmanship with timely construction as desired by the client with the record speed.

Authorities Approvals

We are responsible for obtaining the required design approvals and permits to facilitate construction of the Project.

Furnishing Consultancy

Develop complete projects for commercial, residential and retail, including layouts and visual presentation of the project and demonstrating professionalism in all aspects of the business.

General Maintenance

Responsible for the maintenance and repair of a single building or a group of buildings.

Custom Made Furniture

Delivering exclusive custom-made furniture using a combination of technology and automation to individuals and designers that want to showcase what is uniquely theirs.